Kangaroo Island Online


This website is a result of this and that - but mainly, I hope to put together a resource site with all sorts of information for anyone and everyone interested in visiting the island, want to know what activites are available and even plan to be here in time for some of our better known Kangaroo Island events.

I hope it will be a useful resource for visitors planning to visit the island as well as an online contact for people who have been to Kangaroo Island and want to keep in touch with the island.

It will also be an online collection of information, lists and contacts for anyone who would be interested in making use of their time here on the island by being involved with any of the many ongoing conservation or research programs.Researchers are always in need of volunteers and funding to help them in their projects. There are many ways in which one could participate.

I am just learning how to write my own HTML code to get this website up. So keep checking back as I will be adding more information and links.

As a start this Map of Kangaroo Island will give you an idea of where places are located. Remember that the island is 155km long and about 55km wide at the broadest point !!

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If you are interested in seeing how I have developed my still growing design skills this is my final assignment from a web design course I did online.